Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat and Friends


Gus the platypus just moved to Pete’s town. He is Pete’s quiet, kind and gentle friend.  A little shy around others but has a great passion for music! He is an excellent drummer.

Grumpy Toad

Grumpy Toad is usually grumpy, but he truly cares about his friends—he shared his magic sunglasses with Pete. He is slow to show when he’s happy, often coming across glum and disheartened. He loves riding his motorcycle and he plays a pretty good bass guitar!


Alligator is Pete’s strong and brave friend.  He is always hungry and looking for food.  He tends to be a little clumsy often knocking things over with his large tail.  Alligator’s hobby is jazz music.


Squirrel is Pete’s timid and nervous friend. Squirrel is full of energy slightly insecure.  Squirrel worries about things going wrong and is afraid of getting lost.


Turtle is Pete’s laid back friend.  Always calm even in a crisis.  He is introverted and sometimes just needs quiet time in his shell.


Callie is a happy go lucky friend of Pete’s. She loves the color pink and Pete (though it’s a secret)! She is always optimistic and sees the bright side of everything.


Owl is Pete’s wisest friend. He is quiet and observing. He always gives Pete good advice.


Octopus is Pete’s friend. He loves juggling and having fun.


Goldie is Pete’s pet goldfish. He loves to paint pictures of her. .


Emma is Pete’s pet pig.


Bob: Bob is Pete the cat’s brother. He taught Pete how to surf, and he is the smartest guy Pete knows.

Pete’s Mom & Dad

Pete’s mom and dad help Pete keep his cool. They take care of Pete in lots of ways, including practicing baseball with him, driving him to guitar lessons, and helping him get ready for school.


Principal Nancy is Pete’s school principal.


Mr. Ted is Pete’s bus driver.


Marty is Pete’s monkey friend.


Mrs. Gold is the crossing guard.

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